Financing Options


Today’s amazingly advanced hearing aids may be small, but each instrument packs an incredible amount of technology into its tiny casing. Like most of today’s top technologies though, these feature-laden digital devices can come with a hefty price tag. More and more insurance companies are offering coverage for hearing loss treatment; however, many patients are still responsible for financing part or all of their hearing aid purchase.

At Lagniappe Hearing, we care about our patients’ hearing health and happiness. In order to successfully treat hearing loss, it’s vital to find the right hearing aids for each patient’s unique lifestyle. We understand that investing in many of today’s top-of-the-line devices is a major strain on the budget, which is why we offer a selection of hearing aid financing options including CareCredit and AllWell.

CareCredit: Consumers may apply in advance at the following link:

AllWell: Consumers may apply at Lagniappe Hearing and receive an instant decision.