Who Are We?

Lagniappe Hearing is a small, locally-owned business. Our community-based practice is committed to helping individuals with hearing loss. We want to improve their quality of life through better communication and personalized hearing health care. We offer a wide range of services for adult patients including comprehensive hearing evaluations, custom earplugs, hearing aids and cochlear implant evaluations. Our audiologist is dedicated to helping others hear in big ways, spending more than 19 years serving the people of Central Louisiana.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects an estimated 48 million Americans of all ages, making it the third most common physical condition in the U.S. Many factors contribute to hearing loss, including aging, noise exposure and disease. Fortunately, most patients can benefit by amplification from hearing aids.

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Hearing Aids

About 9 in 10 patients with hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids. Today’s digital devices are smaller and more powerful than ever, and include many state-of-the-art features designed to improve comfort, convenience and clarity. We carry a full lineup of devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers, with options for a vast array of lifestyles and budgets.

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Hearing Protection

While hearing loss is irreversible, hearing protection can help prevent damage in individuals exposed to excessive noise. If you participate in high-risk activities such as concerts and sporting events, the use of earplugs or earmuffs can help reduce the odds of hearing loss. We carry a variety of hearing protection devices to help you preserve your hearing.

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by Frank M. on Lagniappe
Thank You

My hearing test and the help I received was unlike any other. ‘Thank you’ is not enough. I really appreciate your help.

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